What is Georgia best at?

There’s a lot of shade thrown the south’s way, but there are a lot of things for our region to be proud of, too. Thrillist recently broke down what each U.S. state is best at, and while Georgia’s title as “top peanut producer” might not be the sexiest, we’ll take that over Wyoming’s bragging rights for “lowest rates of syphilis” any day of the week.

We do, however, take issue with South Carolina’s title of “most polite” — Georgians have great manners, please and thank you!

Take a look at the map below and let us know if you think Georgia should be known for anything other than its nuts.


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 What Georgia is Best At in 2015:

-   Giving Free Driver's Licenses to Clueless, Incompetent, Self-Centered Simpletons with "0bama" and "Atlanta Falcons" Decals on Their Vehicles with No Evidence They Can Competently 0perate Motor Vehicles or Obey Traffic Laws

-  "Keeping it Real"  at 45 mph in the Far-Left  PASSING   LANE   on Interstate Highways

-   Throwing Chicken Bones Out of Car Windows in Restaurant and Shopping Center Parking Lots

-   Practicing Abstinence in Using Turn Signals

-   Backing into Parking Spaces....     ....POORLY....    .....and for No Apparent Reason

-   Playing with or Squawking on Cell Phones While Behind the Steering Wheels of Moving Vehicles, Braking Abruptly for No Apparent Reason Every 8-10 Seconds

-   Smash-and-Grab-and-Run Crimes at Jewelry Boutiques, Athletic Shops, Hair Weave Salons  and Metro PCS Stores

-   Leaving Tip Amounts of Approximately $0.00  for Hardworking Restaurant Servers Who Provide Top-Shelf Service


This is gonna be good.  :popcorn: