The quirky things Atlanta thieves steal

The latest smash and grab in Atlanta took place early Thursday morning when thieves hurled a brick through the door of 310 Rosemont, a boutique in Virginia-Highland which features contemporary clothing for men and women.

It only took one minute for the three burglars to steal various items of clothing before jumping into a waiting car. You can read the full story here.

This type of crime has become a regular occurrence in the metro area since 2009. Remember the blue-jean bandits of years past who would hit local boutiques and department stores just to nab designer denim?

090608 - Atlanta - Atlanta police investigate the crime scene In the latest smash-and-grab robbery, where thieves broke into a blue jeans store near Lenox Mall in Atlanta at 3400 Around Lenox Rd NE Ste 214 early Monday, June 8, 2009 making off with two van loads of merchandise. The bandits used a rock to smash the front window of the Blue Genes store at the Shops Around Lenox, adjacent to Lenox Mall, according to WSB-TV's Ryan Young. The robbery occurred just after 4 a.m. No details were immediately available on what the thieves took. John Spink/

Blue jean bandits stole expensive denim from Blue Genes store at the Shops Around Lenox in 2009. John Spink/


Or the hairy, merry band of thieves who made a habit of stealing pricey bundles of hair used in hair weaves and extensions?

As the theory goes, the thieves are able to sell the items they steal on the street for money. But it makes you wonder, does everything under the sun have value on the street?

Just scan the Atlanta Crime Stoppers Facebook page and you’ll find some pretty quirky things thieves have stolen this year:

Nov. 8: A man breaks into Nest Feathers store in Oakwood, Ga. at 3 a.m. and uses a sledge-hammer and a large black trash container with white wheels to steal Pandora jewelry valued at over $62,500. This could be the same thief who stole more than $70,000 worth of Pandora jewelry in May from a store in Tulsa. Who exactly is demanding all this Pandora jewelry?

August 24: A man steals some money, a couple of cartons of cigarettes and some postal stamps from the Tower Lobby Shop located inside the food court of The Suntrust Plaza. Money, makes sense. Cigarettes make less sense but okay, someone will likely buy those. But stamps? STAMPS? How much would you pay for a stolen postage stamp?

May 6: A man steals a portable battery from a Fed Ex store at 100 Peachtree Street. When the price tag fell to the floor, an employee saw a Duracell portable power battery in the suspect’s right hand, along with a box cutter. The employee asked the man if he was going to pay for the battery. The suspect stated “No, I’m not,” and left the store. The value of the battery is $23.99. In this case, crime really didn’t pay.

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