Searching for HONY’s Mama Spanx

Atlanta-based Spanx is on the hunt for a New York woman known only as “Mama.”

Mama’s story appeared Nov. 23 on Humans of New York, the blog turned NYT bestseller which profiles strangers on the streets of New York City.

Posing with her husband, Mama was decked out in a fur coat and hat with purple suede boots. She was on her way to celebrate her anniversary. She talked about her gifts (a bracelet and earrings) and mentioned that she had been prepping for the special evening by doing a cleanse, taking supplements and wearing her Spanx.

Her man thought he was going to an after dinner celebration at a booty club, said Mama,  but she was planning to take him home and take off her Spanx instead.

Facebook comments flowed in from readers who loved Mama’s spunk. Then Spanx chimed in and thanked her for the shout out which apparently led some readers (who must live under a rock) to discover Spanx for the very first time.

It didn’t take long for a thread to pop up with comments telling Spanx they should send Mama a gift, put her in a commercial or something.

Before things could take a Patti LaBelle pie-like turn for the worse, Spanx launched a national search for Mama:


But you have to ask…particularly in light of the Patti Pie debacle…is someone owed money, product or even public credit just because they mention a product in a post that goes viral?

Forget celebrities, it looks like the newest pitchman/woman is a blog poster/postee with personality.

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