4 fun facts about the Fox Theatre’s Egyptian Ballroom

If you’ve been in Atlanta for even just a small amount of time, you’ve probably been to the Fox Theatre. The theater, which has hosted more than 100 proms and 400 weddings in the last decade and musicians from Elton John to Earth, Wind & Fire, opened in 1929.


An event at the Fox Theatre’s Egyptian Ballroom in the 1970s. Photo courtesy of the Fox Theatre.

But while many people recognize the famous marquee or the main auditorium, not everyone is familiar with the Egyptian Ballroom. Here are some fun facts about the space.

The Egyptian Ballroom, originally a banquet hall for the Shriners, still has its original dance floor from 1929 underneath the carpet near the stage.


A wedding setup in the Egyptian Ballroom of the Fox Theatre. Photo Credit: Sarah Slavik Photography

In 1939, the room was officially named the Egyptian Ballroom. That same year, theater officials opened the space to the public for special events

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Who is the Pharaoh over the stage? That’s Ramses II, considered the most powerful emperor of the Egyptian Empire

The hieroglyphics in the Egyptian Ballroom are authentic, but don’t try to read them. They are not in a readable order.

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Seriously?  That photo of the prom is the best you could come up with for the article?  There's no one there.  It looks really sad.  Search the web and find a wedding photo at the fox and ask the photog for permission to run it.