Promposals 2016: the good, the bad and the cray

It’s prom season again, and the promposals are taking over Instagram. In case you’re not up-to-speed on the latest trends in high school, promposals — an elaborate way to ask your date to prom — have been hot in the last few years.

Teens across the country go all out to ask their dates for a date and thanks to social media, some of the best promposals go viral on Instagram or one of the many curated Twitter accounts.

On the flip side, some of the epic fails go viral as well, like this KFC loving couple whose photo ended up on a few websites with notes on cultural commentary. The young lady has since made her IG account private.


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So when it comes to your promposal come correct or don’t come at all — or at the very least, don’t post it on IG or Twitter unless you know you’ve done well.

This year, popular promposal themes include solo cups, Starbucks, horses, princesses, Drake, Victoria’s Secret and honestly, just about anything you can think of. Here are some choice promposals for 2016 — the good, the bad and the just plain crazy:

I love lauren a latte 👩🏻☕️👼🏻🌧#Promposal #May13

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He said yes! ☺️☺️☺️ #prom2k16 #promposal #turtles #countrygirl #countryboy #cheesy #cake

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And some of the more questionable promposals:


And then there is this one, which is just downright EVIL:

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Kennedy Thompson
Kennedy Thompson

Farah Mohamed Vuslat Asku I HAVE to get asked like this\U0001f602

Matthew Kramer
Matthew Kramer

Are you paid by the Bernie campaign or just spamming facebook on your own?