S&S Cafeteria in Embry Village closing to make way for Kroger expansion

S & S Cafeteria, the institution known for its southern cooking, is closing one of its two Atlanta locations this week.

The Embry Village restaurant on Chamblee-Tucker Road will close on July 10.


Image: sscafeterias.com

For more than 75 years the family owned chain has served customers at cafeteria-style eateries.

The Embry Village location, which opened in 1973, will close after dinner service on Sunday due to the expansion of the neighboring Kroger.

Kroger is building a larger “Kroger Marketplace” that will feature an assortment of merchandise as well as a Kroger fuel center.

According to a recent story on ToneATL.com, the community had been divided on the fate of S&S.

Some residents noted that the location had recently failed a health inspection, others were saddened to hear about the loss of a location that has been a favorite on Sunday afternoon for meals after church.

There is another location of S&S at Campbellton Plaza on Campbellton Road in southwest Atlanta.

S&S also operates cafeterias in Augusta, two in Macon and in Greenville and Charleston, South Carolina and Knoxville, Tennessee.

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S&S in Macon(Riverside DR.) has been a favorite in my family for decades.  We have always enjoyed the food, however, the site is so out-of-date, looking and feeling old...something as simple as going to the restroom, with the intention of returning to your table is an effort because of the design.  They seem to show no willingness to modernize and remodel.  The customers are generally the older crowd.. All-in-All, it would seem that its days are numbered. But, nostalgia has us hooked and we will always stop there as we travel through the area as long as its there.


Quick! Get in the car! We're going to Campbellton Plaza!


Ate there in the 70's after church. ALWAYS ordered too much.