Today show beauty expert atones for hair styling crime with Facebook video

The Today show beauty makeover debacle came full circle when beauty expert Deepica Mutyala reunited with the model whose hair she destroyed on live television.

Screenshot via Facebook

Screenshot via Facebook

Mutyala, a beauty blogger, appeared on the Today show last week for a segment about quick hair styles for summer. She attempted to create hairstyles for three models in under a minute.

None of the styles looked great (Mutyala is not a hair stylist by trade) but Malyia McNaughton, a model with natural, got the worst — a high ponytail with bangs that turned ended up looking like a bird’s nest.

Since it all happened on live television, social media went bananas, blasting Mutyala and the Today show for the bad styling segment. 

Mutyala later issued a written apology and said she planned to right the wrong.

On Wednesday, she released a video featuring McNaughton (with a proper hairstyle) and three natural hair bloggers —  Akilah Hughes, Kamie Crawford, and Tiarra Monet.

The ladies chatted in the hair salon owned by Monet while trading tips on products and styling techniques for natural hair.

In a wink to the whole wretched mess, McNaughton and the crew took the opportunity to take Mutyala’s hair from nice to nasty in seconds. Take a look:

By the look of most comments, viewers feel Mutyala handled the whole thing with class by turning a disaster into a learning experience.

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