Georgia drivers have 99 problems, but the roads ain’t one

We already know Atlanta traffic is notoriously bad.

Not only do metro area residents commute a greater distance than drivers in any other city in the country (12.8 miles to be exact), but Georgia’s I-285 is the deadliest interstate in the nation.

January 13, 2016 Atlanta - Traffic was jammed on I-285 westbound near Ga. 400 exit on Wednesday afternoon, January 13, 2016. A new 10-year plan unveiled this week by Gov. Nathan Deal included billions of dollars for toll lanes along I-285 and Ga. 400, which would create a seamless interstate network of toll lanes along northern suburbs. HYOSUB SHIN / HSHIN@AJC.COM

Traffic was jammed on I-285 westbound near Ga. 400 exit on January 13, 2016. HYOSUB SHIN / HSHIN@AJC.COM

Still not convinced how bad we’ve got it? Just know that driving in Atlanta means you are likely to have a motor accident every seven years which is a 40 percent greater likelihood than the national average.

It’s about time Georgia drivers got some good news, so here it is — the roads in Georgia may be busy, congested and even deadly, but the roads aren’t the problem.

Georgia ranked second in the nation for having the best roads in the US, according to’s State of America’s Roads.

A full 81 percent of Georgia roadways are in good condition according to the study, which used data from the U.S. Department of Transportation to examine roadway and bridge conditions, road growth and the costs associated with driving.

Only Indiana has better roads than Georgia. Connecticut has the worst roads in the nation.

In addition, while motorists nationwide spend an average of $300 per year on their cars due to poor road conditions, in top ranked Georgia, drivers only pay an average of $60 on road related car issues.

This all sounds great, but the good news just couldn’t last.

It seems whatever money we may save in wear and tear on the car from the roadways, we end up paying for in gas. Georgia follows only Texas as the state with the highest fuel consumption in gallons per capita.


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Yes, we do have some bad roads, but for the most part we do have good streets! Thanks for putting that out there.  We have other problems on hands. Like I wrote in my website (, Atlanta is just the city too busy to hate and everyone is always hustling around. The roads are packed and we have to have drivers who are safe in their driving. I think your right, the roads that we do have are good. It's just that our roads are packed and with unsafe drivers. We need more roads and we need more safe drivers....and some public transportation would be nice :)  

Quint Bush
Quint Bush

Must not have ever driven in the right lane of I-16 West.

Kolya Schubert
Kolya Schubert

WOW. Well that must say loads of the wonderful country we live in.. have you driven through downtown? On 285? The researchers did not.