Atlanta is one of the best metro areas for homeowners

Atlanta is one of the best metro areas for homeowners according to a new study from

The 1908 Craftsman in Atlanta's West End was bought and renovated by Tony McNeal and Carlton Walker in 2013. Though the renovations opened up the 2,000-square-foot floor plan, the three-bedroom home still retains many of its historical features, which can be viewed on Sept. 24 during the Historic West End Tour of Homes. Text by Lori Johnston and Keith Still/Fast Copy News Service. (Christopher Oquendo Photography/

(Christopher Oquendo Photography/

While Portland tops the list, followed by Phoenix, Atlanta comes in third place, just before Las Vegas and Minneapolis/St. Paul. Each metro area has specific reasons why it is at the top of the list.

Atlanta ranks high primarily due to low property taxes, strong home-price appreciation and inexpensive energy costs. Home price appreciation has been relatively strong in Atlanta over the last five years and has only increased as the real estate market has shifted in favor of sellers.

The Bankrate study reviewed eight factors including home affordability; price appreciation; property taxes; homeowners’ insurance, energy and maintenance costs; foreclosures and how rapidly rents rose over the past six years (when data are available.)

Cities in middle america tend to be the best places for homeowners, while homeowners in coastal cities face a range of challenges including high mortgage payments and high property insurance rates.

Homeowners in the northeast seem to fare the worst with Hartford, Conn. and the New York City metro area ranked lowest (49 and 50 respectively) on the list.

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Todd Majors
Todd Majors

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