Video celebrates construction milestone for Falcons stadium

October 19, 2016 Atlanta: Construction crews celebrated the near completion of the the fixed roof at Mercedes Benz Stadium Wednesday October 19, 2016 by signing a beam and then lifting it into place. The completed stadium will use more than 27,000 tons of steel. Installation of the retractable roof will begin next. BRANT SANDERLIN/BSANDERLIN@AJC.COM

The Falcons blew it in Sunday’s game against the Chargers, but while they weren’t looking so hot at the Dome, their new home is coming along nicely.

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The final steel truss of Mercedes-Benz Stadium was installed last week capping off two and a half years of more than 2,000 workers each day who have been building the new home of the NFL Atlanta Falcons.

Hundreds of construction workers signed the steel beam which was then lifted by crane and bolted into place about 300 feet above what will soon be the Falcons’ playing field.

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The $1.5 billion dollar stadium — which will also feature a retractable portion of the roof — is expected to be completed by the start of next season.

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To celebrate the milestone, EarthCam editors produced a commemorative time-lapse video of just how 17,000 tons of steel is being transformed into the sure-to-be iconic Mercedes-Benz Stadium:

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Derrick Davis
Derrick Davis

HOORAY! A stadium Atlanta DOES NOT NEED! Meanwhile schools are crumbling and your hospitals are overloaded and your citizens are morons and your politicians are bought and sold by plutocratic businesspeople. Your society is crumbling and you are so busy drinking beer and watching neanderthals chase a ball up and down a field you don't even realize it. Fools

Derrick Davis
Derrick Davis

But PM me if you want to know how I REALLY feel