In Atlanta, female software developers and male flight attendants are most wanted on Tinder

Popular dating app Tinder allows users to inform potential mates of what they do for a living. (Tinder/TNS)

Anyone in the Atlanta metro area looking to make a match on Tinder should consider his or her occupation.

According to the social app — where meeting people is a matter of swiping right on the individuals you like — what you do for a living can have an impact on your desirability.

The results of an analysis of the most swiped occupations on Tinder offered some interesting insights.

Women in Atlanta who work as software developers, registered nurses, teachers, actors and social workers get the most swipes from men.

Among men in Atlanta, the occupations that drew the most matches are flight attendants, chemists, CEOs/entrepreneurs, teachers and pilots.

For the full rankings, see below:


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