Atlanta woman relaunches BeltLine Facebook group under a new name

The Atlanta woman who was told to stop using the trademark of the Atlanta BeltLine in the name of her public Facebook group, has relaunched the page under a new name.

Humans of the Atlanta HeartLine, remains what Jessie Fream calls a “Humans of New York wannabe” featuring interviews and photos of people on the Atlanta BeltLine, and ends a six month stand-off with Atlanta BeltLine Inc. (ABI) the entity charged with overseeing the BeltLine vision.

Last fall, officials from ABI contacted Fream on Facebook asking her to stop using “BeltLine” in the title of her group.” Fream had launched “Humans of the Atlanta BeltLine” a year prior to receiving the communication from ABI, as a hobby. She intended it to be a love letter to the city’s most ambitious revitalization efforts.

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But ABI saw it as trademark infringement, along with hundreds of other individuals who have registered unauthorized domains and businesses using the BeltLine name.

Ericka Davis, spokeswoman for ABI said at the time, they simply wanted to notify Fream that the BeltLine has policies governing the use of the name and that were happy to have discussions with Fream to come up with a solution.

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Over the past year, the number of individuals and organizations using the BeltLine name without permission has grown, Davis said, despite a link on the website directing individuals to contact ABI to licensing of the name.

Fream launched the newly named page this month with several posts from Easter weekend. Her previous page, which had more than 2,000 followers, is now inactive.

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Spend more time pouring concrete and less time controlling the Beltine related domain registration. Very few if any "confuse" the reader that it isn't an official site. Lame reason.  The Beltline is a public entity. What's next, restricting people from using or

The Chattanooga beltline added hundreds of miles last year , Atlanta added, 3. Atlanta ABI execs get paid millions. Something isn't adding up.