Golden Glide Roller Skating Rink in Decatur closing down on Sunday

030718: DECATUR, GA- Stanley Watson (cq), 9, left, skates behind Asj’a Washington (cq), 12, both of Decatur, Ga., at the Golden Glide Rollerrink at Snapfinger Plaza in Decatur, Ga., on Friday afternoon, July 18, 2003.

Twitter lit up Thursday afternoon when the news spread that Golden Glide Roller Skating rink in DeKalb County would be shutting its doors this weekend.

“The doors will be closing on Sunday. Sunday will be our last weekend,” said Channel Gibbs, the rink administrator. “I can’t give you an official reason as to why. The doors are closing for good. We don’t know what is coming in the future.”

For the uninformed, Golden Glide is a decades old institution on Wesley Chapel Road in Decatur where teens (and adults) went to skate, dance and enjoy birthday parties and lock-ins.

According to the many #RIP tags on Twitter, it is the place where at least half of the young adults from DeKalb County learned how to twerk.

The roller rink was immortalized in the Young Lloyd song, “You,”(feat. Lil Wayne):

Yeah, it’s Young Lloyd reporting live from Atlanta, Georgia
Weezy F. Baby, Decatur where it’s greater
And uh, I want all my sexy ladies to report to the dance floor immediately
We gon’ Golden Glide this one y’all, speak Weezy

Most Atlantans had fond memories of the joint and recognized the closure as the end of an era, but a few (the ones who reported gun violence and fighting at GG) said maybe it is time for something new.

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for the uninformed, Wesley Chappel is no where near the City of Decatur, pure unincorporated DeKrap County...


@joeintucker And how dare anyone dirty the reputation of overwhelming white richer than the rest of you City of Decatur.