Purple kale couple finds fame after flower blunder

Round leaf: Purple pigeon.
(Photo credit: American Takii Seed)

A Houston couple found unexpected fame after Jamarcus Guillory attempted to buy flowers for his girlfriend.

Guillory, who works at a produce warehouse told BuzzFeed he thought the purple-tinged kale was a bunch of flowers in an unmarked box.

When he presented them to his girlfriend, Jailyn Hernandez, 19, who was angry with him, she had to laugh when she saw that his peace-offering was edible.

Guillory said he was embarrassed by the mistake, but it made him an instant hit after Hernandez posted about the incident on Twitter.

The post quickly went viral and the couple has since been featured by several news outlets ranging from their local news station in Houston (KHOU 11) to the Daily Mail in the UK.

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