Weddington Way launches new shop at Banana Republic in Lenox Square

Millennials currently make up more than 70 percent of all couples getting married. While the wedding industry is notoriously traditional, millennials have already had an impact on the way things are being done.

Most millennial couples plan their weddings online and for many of them, wedding planning is a joint effort. They value the opinions of friends and family, an increasingly diverse group of people.

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Companies like Weddington Way have tapped into the needs of millennials and are trying to make the job of wedding planning just a little bit easier.

The San Francisco-based brand was built as a digital shopping platform for bridesmaids dresses. No matter where the bride and bridesmaids reside they can connect in Weddington Way’s online showroom to make dress selections, offer feedback and finalize the look of the bridal party.

This summer, Weddington Way launches its first in-store boutiques in Banana Republic stores nationwide. In Atlanta, the shop-in-a-shop is located at Banana Republic in Lenox Square.

“With the launch of our physical shop-in-shops, bridesmaids and brides now have the opportunity to see and try on their favorite styles in our chic boutique locations,” said Weddington Way’s VP of Operations, Karishma Baijal.

The Weddington Way process begins the same way, with the bride creating an account on She sets the wedding date and invites her bridesmaids to join the virtual showroom.

There the bride and bridesmaids can like, comment, and select their favorite styles as they openly communicate on the digital platform.

“This first step is really key to lay the foundation for a pleasurable, community-driven shopping experience, no matter where the bridal party is located,” Baijal said.

Now with the physical shop-in-shop, the bride and bridesmaids can go see and try on their favorite styles in-person with a group appointment or individually if bridal party members are located in multiple cities. They are able to see how the dresses fit and make any adjustments in person before making a purchase online.

After the appointments, all feedback including sizing, comments, colors and styles is updated in the virtual showroom by an on-site stylist so that the entire bridal party can easily view the updates and finalize the details.

Weddington Way designs and manufactures their own dresses to eliminate costly markups, Baijal said.  “All of our styles are affordable and available, all dresses are under $200 with sizes up to 20,” she said.

With in-house design, the company is able to tend to every detail from ruching, pleating, boning to the pockets, she said. Most dresses are delivered within two weeks and the site allows for full transparency so shoppers can see which dresses are in-stock and can be shipped immediately.

Lately, brides are experimenting with mixing styles and fabrics in the same color palette as opposed to choosing one uniform dress, said Baijal. Each bridesmaid is able to showcase her individual style and flair while keeping a coherent wedding party theme

“Right now, we are also noticing a spike in ombre bridesmaids line ups, which have been very popular, and a beautiful way to let each bridesmaid stand out and differentiate herself within the wedding party while still lending a cohesive look,” Baijal said.

But as much as millennial brides seem to be flouting traditions and going their own way, there is at least one trend they are holding on to. The “it”wedding color this season for Weddington Way brides is blush rose. “It is both trending and timeless,” said Baijal.

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