Utility boxes in South Downtown upgraded to works of art

Adam Crawford works on paining a utility box, one of 19 in South Downtown.

Utility boxes in South Downtown are getting an artistic upgrade.

As part of the South Downtown Activation initiative, the City of Atlanta’s Office of Cultural Affairs commissioned 19 local artists to paint utility boxes in the neighborhood.

The completed works of art have been quietly rolling out on social media this month. Artists include Adam Crawford, Sara Nguyen, Diana Toma, Ben Janik, Catlanta, Sachi Rome and more.

Here’s a look at some of their work (all images courtesy of Facebook):

Painted utility box by artist Ben Janik at the corner of Trinity and Central Avenue by Atlanta City Hall.

Sachi Rome works on a utility box in South Downtown near the Five Points station at the corner of Alabama and Peachtree.

Painted utility box by Catlanta in South Downtown.

Finished box by Adam Crawford.


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